Creative Movement

Ages 3-5 yrs.

This class covers the basics of balletic movement and musicality through games and strategic exercise. The purpose of this class is to instill a love for dance in a Christian environment. It’s a fun and lighthearted class.

Combo Classes- Ballet/ Tap/ Jazz and Acrobatics

Ages 4-7 yrs.

These classes begin to dig deeper into different styles of dance. We move away from the games of creative movement and implementing more discipline at the barre in the ballet portion of the class. Students learn the basics of tap for the second portion and depending on the class chosen a fun upbeat jazz portion or learning acrobatics with mats.

Attire: Pink leotard, pink tights and black leggings for jazz with appropriate shoes

Ballet II

Ages 8-9 yrs.

This class begins adding time at the ballet barre and implementing more rules for the class. At this age the attention span is longer, therefore they will be learning new skills each week. Basic choreography skills are touched on, as it pertains to worship and praise through our movements.

Attire: Black leotard, pink tights ballet shoes and hair pulled back or in a bun. We have used dance attire and shoes for purchase. No jewelry please.

Jazz II

Ages 8-9 yrs

This class is an upbeat fun way to learn jumps and turns. It follows a consistent theme: Warm-up and Stretch, Exercises practiced moving across the floor and finishing with learning choreography in the center. We dive deeper into individual choreography for worship. The music used for this class is Contemporary Christian.

Attire: Black leggings and a leotard or t-shirt with proper shoes. No jewelry please.

Ballet III & IV

Ages 10-14yrs

These classes hold a consistent format by starting at the ballet barre, working on technique and terminology, moving to center exercises, then across the floor. The Cecchetti classical ballet method is used. Intermediate choreography skills are touched on, as it pertains to worship and praise through our movements.

Attire: Black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair pulled back or in a bun. No jewelry please.

Pre-Pointe and Pointe

These classes prepare aspiring pointe dancers with the necessary strength and technique to be successful en pointe. Those dancers that have already shown their ability to dance en pointe learn more challenging steps and continues to work on strength and conditioning of the feet and legs.


Ages 8+

This class covers the fundamentals of tap dance and musicality. Students will learn skill level appropriate tap steps as well as terminology.

Attire: Clothes that allow free movement and tap shoes. No jewelry please.


Kids Worship Dance

This class will include improvisation exercises and practicing hearing the Holy Spirit and moving with what He’s saying in worship. We will be learning how He speaks in different ways and how that can be interpreted through movement.

Adult Worship Dance

This class focuses on worship of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ our Savior. We use themes and scripture to ignite the Holy Spirit within each of us to dance freely for our Lord.

We will become more familiar with how our bodies move, allow us to gain freedom through movement and teach us to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and move with Him. It will include improvisation and talking about what we feel, hear and notice through the exercises.
Come experience God in a new way!

West Bowles Dance Performance Company

***By Invitation Only

The performance company dives deeper into a personal relationship with Christ and therefore the outward praise and worship through movement. The mission of the company is to compile a repertoire of topic specific pieces to present for the purpose of honoring God, glorifying His Kingdom and fully communicating the truth of God.

If interested in auditioning email [email protected]

Jazz III and Lyrical Jazz IV

These classes focus more on the exploration of creativity as well as strength in ability for turns and leaps. We begin warming up in the center, work on skills in the center and traveling across the floor, then move to choreography.