We are a part of West Bowles Community Church in Southwest Littleton. The leadership welcomed the vision of this ministry with open arms in 2012 and they continue to support us in a multitude of ways.  We are thankful for the incredible opportunity to train up students from all over the Denver metro area in the way of the Lord through the art of dance.

We currently meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Lower Gathering Place. We offer fall, winter/spring sessions and summer intensives and camps. Enter the West parking lot, closest to C470, and drive all the way around to the back. Enter through the single door. There we have three studios and plenty of space to observe if interested.

Want to join us on Sunday? Check us out here: www.westbowleschurch.com

Our Mission is to provide a Christ-centered environment to learn the art of dance for the purpose of glorifying God, redeeming dance and the beauty of every human body for His Kingdom.

This is a place to feel united, not divided. We are all accepted and loved by Jesus Christ. Therefore, we accept and do not judge others.

Because of Jesus, we are perfect in His sight.

He created us. He redeemed us and He is well pleased with our worship.

All styles, All nations, All people.

If not us, then Who?

If not now, then When?

Why all the black and white, you ask? We have a simple explanation for you. The bible and specifically the gospel is pretty black and white. Here’s what we believe:

The Bible is the Inspired Word of God

There is One True God

Jesus Christ is the Son of God

The Holy Spirit Empowers and Imparts

Salvation is a Gift

The Church Has a Mission