Come Alive, Dry Bones – Outreach Dance Performance

We had the pleasure and opportunity to visit our beloved friends at Lifesource Adventist Fellowship this past Saturday. Senior Pastor, Dany Hernandez is such a strong supporter of our ministry and we enjoyed spending the morning with him and his congregation. We brought a Christian dance piece to perform in their main Worship service.

We performed a powerful dance piece called Come Alive. The message behind the choreography is to believers. Believers that have gotten caught up in life’s everyday tasks and have fallen away from prayer, from studying the Word, from God. When we separate ourselves from God in these ways, we become cold and dehydrated vessels. Yes, we’re still saved and can count on eternity with our savior in Heaven. But, we miss out on the abundant joy and blessing that our good, good Father has intended for us on this earth. Abiding is staying connected in our relationship through prayer, our thought life and in our knowledge of the Holy Word and the character of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When we abide, the Holy Spirit is released to work in us and flow through us. When we’re connected, the fruit of our actions are righteous or right with God. The things that we concentrate on and put forth effort in are glorifying to God and show a fallen world the love of a gracious and caring Father.

When one believer is filled with the joy that we’ve spoken of, the Holy Spirit can flow through them to wake other believers from their cold and dehydrated state. When we meet the needs of those around us without judgement, but because we truly care about them and desire to help, they see Jesus. As most believers can attest, when we see Jesus, we can’t help but want more!

Enjoy this piece and consider today how you might be able to meet the need of someone you know or even don’t know. How can you seek Jesus more so that the Holy Spirit flows through you to impact this broken world for good?

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